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Fall Protection Awareness

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The Fall Protection Awareness course was created for new, infrequent, and non-climbers. This course is ideal for Project Managers, Construction Managers, other individuals managing jobs that include work-at-heights, and non-climbing individuals exposed to hazards above while working onsite. 

This introductory Fall Protection course covers:
Regulations and Standards,
Components and their Use,
Recognizing and Responding to hazards,
Equipment Use, and
Equipment Inspection

The course learning objectives will be as follows:
a) Become familiar with the Regulations and Standards that govern the Telecommunications industry and know where to go for further information.  
b) Recognize and identify various pieces of personal fall arrest equipment.
c) Recognize and identify connecting components.
d) Understand common mistakes made when using components.
e) Understand the difference between engineered and non-engineered anchorages and Primary and Secondary attachment.
f) Become familiar with the Hierarchy of Controls.
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